About excellence in the editing and release processes or „How can you be so expensive?!“

Sometimes clients ask why agency work is so expensive. „You only write some text or do some graphics. It is not time-consuming. Why do you charge a whole day for a simple press release?“

First: We offer only exceptional quality. Our goal is to save the customer time and stress. Our service includes handling all details, meeting every deadline and delivering a perfect product. The only thing the customer has to do is approve and release the final communication product. And that’s the way we want to work – we love to deliver perfect service!

Second: The initial briefing always requires additional research on the part of ofischer communication. This takes more effort than doing the complete research from the beginning. Sometimes it becomes crazy. The client contracts a PR agency to tell everyone how great they are, but out of fear of loosing control, the company does not share enough information about how things work or inform their agency about who possesses the knowledge concerning these topics. That slows down the process. 

Third: It’s not only delivering the text and over. Most of the time we wait. Sometimes the call comes fast, sometimes it takes weeks. Of course we try to accelerate the release process, but it depends on the customer’s internal decision-making procedure. Then, when we nearly forgot that there was a text at all, (but we do remember that there is a customer!) the call comes for sure. The client tells us what to change and the editing starts again. Sometimes we speak about a completely new content. Why are there suddenly new aspects on the topic? What about the original briefing? Didn’t ofischer listen? What a mess!

I confess: We do make mistakes, but less than most other PR agencies. I swear! Normally there would be no reason for an extra briefing after completing the editing process. For example, to create a press release for a certain product, we need answers to the following questions:

  1. What’s the name?
  2. What does it do? 
  3. What makes it unique? 
  4. Why should somebody buy it? 
  5. What does it cost? 
  6. What are the technical data?

After receiving the text, the client often realizes some aspects are missing, so he has to start a new round with an additional briefing. Sometimes the text is fine after re-editing. Now the client gives it to his technical advisor. This begins a another round with the technician. And after finishing the technical aspects, there is a new start with the client, who is typically located in the communication department.

These aspects are also true for all agency products and services, like creation, database mining, communication strategies, talk guides. The more complex a process is, the more expensive it is.